Kiwis seek secluded, sleepy, sensory seaside holidays

On July 10, 2013 at 12:57 AM

Kiwis seek secluded, sleepy, sensory seaside holidays

Expedia Fly and Flop Report reveals beach holiday habits

  • Price and weather predictability dictate destination choice
  • Sampling local cuisine, visiting historic sights and shopping top activity lists
  • Kiwis spend 50% less on beach holidays than Australians
  • Wallet being stolen – biggest ‘worry factor’ for Kiwis

New Zealanders have emerged as beach holiday makers with a focus on low key, low fuss, budget-conscious getaways according to the annual Expedia Fly and Flop Report.

The global survey, commissioned every year by Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company, lifts the lid on beach holiday habits around the world, uncovering the facts around Kiwi beach holiday preferences.

Amee Evans, Expedia travel expert said: “Whilst Kiwis enjoy the beach it certainly doesn’t determine their holiday destination choice, which is unsurprising as they are well-known for being more adventurous than many of their international counterparts.”

“New Zealander’s are also becoming more savvy when seeking out the best holiday options with 69% choosing to book online, ahead of the global average of 60%.”

When we go and why

  • Summer is the preferred season for a beach holiday, followed by winter and autumn
  • Visiting friends and relatives is our favourite type of holiday – setting New Zealand apart from all other nationalities surveyed
  • Over 60% of Kiwi respondents are likely to take a spouse or partner with them rather than family or friends
  • Price and weather predictability dictate our destination decision making
  • Our next beach holiday is likely to be five or six days long

Our holiday spending

  • Kiwis are budget conscious when it comes to beach holidays with an average investment of  $601- $1,200, compared to Australians who spend in the  $1201 – $2400 range
  • On average Kiwis spend under $100 on getting ‘beach ready’
  • Buying a new outfit for the beach is our typical ‘beach ready’ spend, ranking above working out, waxing or dieting
  • Having our wallet stolen while on holiday is our biggest concern

Favourite beach destinations

  • Fiji, Gold Coast and Rarotonga consistently top the list of destinations for Kiwis
  • Samoa is the hot new island destination with a 140% YOY growth in travel demand
  • Asian destinations like Bali have experienced over 100% YOY growth in travel demand signalling Asia as the ‘new frontier’ for Kiwi holidays
  • Over 60% of Kiwis are planning to take an international beach destination holiday in the next 12 months


  • Vacation homes or all-inclusive resorts are our favourite style of accommodation
  • Over half of Kiwi respondents preferred a secluded setting to being in the centre of the action
  • Eco-friendly hotels are gaining popularity internationally

Passing the time

  • Walking, swimming and reading are our favourite beach activities
  • Active pastimes like surfing or yoga rank very low – we prefer more passive pastimes
  • Sampling local cuisine, visiting historic sights and shopping top ‘beyond the beach’ activity lists
  • Sleeping in or taking a nap are our favourite holiday indulgence

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