Europe comes out tops as best value Kiwi Dollar holiday hotspot

On May 20, 2010 at 04:06 AM

Latest Expedia Foreign Exchange Index reveals the top ten destinations where the New Zealand Dollar goes furthest

As the New Zealand Dollar soars to record highs against some of the world’s major currencies, leading New Zealand travel website (owned by Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company), in conjunction with foreign currency specialists Currency Online, has released its latest Expedia® Foreign Exchange Index, revealing the top ten destinations around the world where New Zealand travellers will get the best value for their money. The verdict is clear: with nine out of the ten currencies being from Europe, Europe is currently the undisputed Kiwi Dollar holiday hotspot!

Topping the list of best value destinations for travellers on the New Zealand Dollar is Hungary, whose currency, the Florint, has fallen almost 17 per cent against the New Zealand Dollar in the past six months. Close behind is the Czech Koruna, which has fallen 15% against the Kiwi Dollar, followed by the countries of the Euro zone, where the Kiwi Dollar now buys 14.5 per cent more Euros  than six months ago.

Louise Crompton, Marketing Manager at, comments: “European destinations are definitely the flavour of the month for Kiwi travellers right now. As we head into the European summer, we are seeing substantial increases in bookings to European favourites such as Greece, Spain and Italy, as well as the UK, France and Germany. Bookings to Scandinavia, which is typically seen as an expensive destination for Kiwi travellers, have also increased notably.”

Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway all made it to the list of top ten destinations whose currencies offer the best value against the New Zealand Dollar.

For those who plan to stay closer to home, Australia now offers slightly better value for Kiwis than a few months ago, with the Aussie Dollar just making it in number ten position on the listof currencies against which the New Zealand Dollar has performed best in the past six months.

Nathan Cheeseman of Currency Online comments: “In the last six months the common theme has been the weakness of European currencies, as sovereign debt concerns have swept the continent. This has helped the Kiwi Dollar achieve some historic milestones. For example, the New Zealand Dollar is near 31-year highs against the British Pound and at the highest levels against the Euro since it was first traded on financial markets back in 1999.”

Louise Crompton concluded, “Despite a short-term rise in airfares due to the travel disruptions caused by the recent volcanic eruptions in Iceland, New Zealand travellers have rarely had it so good for travelling to Europe. They can get even better value for money if they consider their options when researching and booking their trips. For instance, they have access to more choice of travel products and hotel deals than any other travel site, and it offers an easy to use one-stop-shop for all their travel needs. I also advise customers to be flexible and to consider travelling outside of peak season, and to shop around for the best exchange rates when purchasing currency. Lastly, subscribe to the newsletter to ensure you get the best deals on offer.”

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The top ten currencies against which the New Zealand Dollar has performed best in the past six months:




NZD Percentage Gain



Hungarian Forint




Czech Koruna








Danish Krone




Finnish Markka




Romanian Leu




British Pound




Swedish Krona




Norwegian Krone




Australian Dollar



Source: Currency Online ( 12/11/2009 – 12/05/2010

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