Riding the crest of the Kiwi Dollar wave

On October 18, 2010 at 02:30 PM

Expedia reveals the top travel destinations where the New Zealand Dollar goes furthest

Leading New Zealand travel website Expedia.co.nz, operated by Expedia Inc., the world’s largest online travel company, in conjunction with foreign exchange specialist Currency Online, has released its latest Expedia® Foreign Exchange Index as the New Zealand Dollar continues to perform strongly against the world’s major currencies.

The twice-yearly index, which reveals the top international destinations where Kiwi travellers find the best value for their New Zealand Dollar, found that Eastern Europe has again emerged as a great value holiday destination, with five of the top ten destinations located in that region.   

Hungary, whose currency, the Forint, has fallen more than 12 per cent against the New Zealand Dollar in the last twelve months, has emerged as the country currently offering the best value for money for Kiwi travellers. The New Zealand Dollar has also appreciated by eight per cent against the Euro, making Europe as a whole, always high on the holiday wish-list for Kiwis, an excellent value-for-money destination.

The Vietnamese Dong, also almost 12 per cent weaker against the Kiwi Dollar, and the Croatian Kuna, nine per cent weaker, were new entrants in the latest Expedia Foreign Exchange Index top ten.

Even though the New Zealand Dollar has climbed recently against the US Dollar, meaning the US, always a hugely popular holiday destination among Kiwis, currently presents travellers with outstanding value for money, the popular destination ranked only 13th on the latest Expedia Foreign Exchange Index.

Louise Crompton, Marketing Manager at Expedia.co.nz, comments: “With the New Zealand Dollar performing solidly, there is now more choice than ever for Kiwis looking to travel internationally. While Eastern Europe has offered Kiwi travellers good value for money for some time now, with the gaining strength of the New Zealand Dollar in that part of the world, these destinations are a ‘must-see’ when travelling to Europe.”

For Kiwis looking to travel within the Asia Pacific region, Vietnam is the pick of the bunch, in second position overall, after seeing its currency fall by almost 12 per cent against the New Zealand Dollar over the past year. Popular Kiwi holiday destinations such as Australia, Fiji and Thailand still represent great value for money for New Zealand travellers.

Nathan Cheeseman, Head of Private Client Services at Currency Online, comments: “The New Zealand Dollar has continued to perform strongly against a number of currencies, which is obviously great news for New Zealand travellers looking to head overseas.”

The top ten currencies against which the New Zealand Dollar has performed best in the past twelve months:


Best value destinations to visit based on how the New Zealand Dollar (NZD) has performed against major currencies in the past 12 months*




Country (currency)

NZD Percentage Gain







Vietnam (Dong)








Denmark (Krone)




Latvia (Lat)




Eurozone (Euro)
















 Norway  (Krone)



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Source: Currency Online (www.currencyonline.com) *11/10/2009 – 11/10/2010

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