January 2014

Kiwis leaving millions of annual leave days unused

On January 08, 2014 at 11:49 PM
Expedia’s Vacation Deprivation Report reveals the beach is just a sandy office for Kiwis
New Zealanders abandoning nearly a week of annual leave
Vacationing Kiwis urged to ‘unplug’ from work in 2014
French lead world in vacations taken, Japanese most vacation deprived
As the holiday period comes to an end and the new work year begins, Kiwis need to reconsider their attitude toward work-life balance after the annual Expedia Vacation Deprivation Report revealed, on average, Kiwi employees left four of their annual leave days unused in 2013. 
Expedia’s annual Vacation Deprivation Report polled 8,535 employed adults across 24 countries.
The top reasons Kiwis claim for not ta